Empowering Directions

Non Invasive Pain Relief



The Alexander Technique

This non invasive pain relief in Swarthmore , Philadelphia and Wyndmoor  teaches you how to move through your day so you have less stress and more energy to do what you love.  A form of mindful movement, the technique was developed in the 1900's by FM Alexander.

The Gestalt Process

Resistances are what we create to prevent authentic contact.   A healthy form of self protection, resistances can also be a form of avoidance that prevents your direct and honest expression of emotion.  With this process you  become more clear and honest in your  contact and communication with others.

Reiki and Chios Energy Healing

Walk into a room filled with loving friends and you feel great.  Walk into a tense setting and you want to walk away.  The field around you is your energetic expression.  This one on one work is calming and revitalizing.